Ship's Store


Ships Store - as we have known of it in the past - no longer exists.  In place of maintaining our own inventory
and charging shipping costs, we have made arrangements with KT Creations to provide us with various ship
store items.

Prices will be slightly higher.  However, the additional costs will be offset by (1) pricing will include
shipping and handling costs, (2) KT Creations will refund 12% of sales to the Association,
and (3) we will not have to invest money in maintaining an inventory.

Pricing for some typical items are:

Polo shirts with pocket   $33      
Polo shirt with your name on right side   $38        
Jacket-Navy blue, 100% nylon, flannel lined, snap front   $42      

Jacket with small ship design on back and name on front on right side.

Jacket, with large design on the back of the jacket. Smaller design on the front and name on the front included. Motto of "Ship that Wouldn't Die" on the back too
Sweatshirt-Navy blue, long sleeve pullover   $33        
Sweatshirt with name on right side   $38        
Ball cap-Navy with gold lettering and ship design
(the photo is $20 hat and of better quality)
  $15 and a $20 one


Visit the website at:  KT Creations  to view the merchandise and order:

If you are not comfortable ordering off the website, mail your order by using the order form at this link