Ships Log April 1, 1945

Courtesy Ari Phoutrides


Attached is the official log for April 1, 1945 the day Okinawa was invaded.  It was obtained from the National Archives.  It was Easter Sunday and seemed ironic that while much of the world was celebrating this holy day, we were killing each other in this part of the world. 
Please note the comments on the "4 to 8" watch.  They state "Proceeding to objective area off demonstration beaches".  Actually, the Laffey was not involved with the actual invasion as such on main beachheads to the northwest.  The "demonstration" invasion consisted of everything that happened on the main beachheads, other than the troops going ashore.  There was the pre-bombardment by the Navy, the bombing of the beaches by the Navy planes, the debarkation of the troops from the transports, the waves circling in their designated areas, and the waves actually proceeding toward the beaches.  But that's where it stopped.  They turned around and returned to their mother ships.  This tactic was supposed to draw the main beachhead Japanese forces to the south.  Unfortunately, the enemy had already entrenched themselves in the south and left just a small force at the main beachhead. 
Also, on the "8 to 12".  I was somewhat amused at the entry "0800 Mustered crew on stations; no absentees."  It was highly unlikely anyone would go AWOL on Okinawa!

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