A Difficult Letter


On April 16, 1945, thirty one men lost their lives while performing their duties on Radar Picket Station #1.  Since that time, I have often wondered how the families of these men were notified of their loss.  Equally important as to the "how" I questioned what might have been said to ease the pain of the loss of a son or a husband. 

These questions were answered after receiving copies of each letter forwarded to each family by the Captain of our ship, Commander F. Julian Becton.  These letters, although type written, were not a standard form letter.  They were written individually for every man who lost his life. 

I have chosen to post only one letter.  With respect to the family, I have blacked out any information that would indicate to whom it was sent. 

I must thank Laura McKagan, daughter of our Executive Officer, Lt. Challen McCune, for furnishing me with copies of every letter. 

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