Jim Carver


7 August, 1959-Norfolk, Va.
O7:45 All lines cleared and on deck, we were underway for 7 months of operations in
the Med.

8 August, 1959 Sat. at sea
Went to General Quarters to start training our new personel. 01:00 in the morning a fire
broke out in the forward engine room, 7 bales of rags burning. Fire was put out and
everyone turned back in. 02:00 all clocks were set ahead 1 hour.

9 Aug. at sea. Sunday
At 08:00 we highlined the Chaplin to the Canisteo AO99, highlined the Chaplin back
aboard at 08:50. Nice day

10 Aug. at sea Monday
Took on fuel from the Canisteo AO99 at 09:00. All clocks set ahead 1 hour at 02:00
hours. At 24:00 hours we were at the half way mark.

11 Aug. at sea. Tuesday
Saw the USS Essex today, nice day today, seas are calm.

12 Aug. at sea. Wed
At 06:00 hours highlined out going mail to Storms DD 780, she highlined to Canisteo
AO99. At 09:00 we joined forces with the Essex CVA-9 Took on fuel from Canisteo and
while along side another tin can lost a man over board. Essex dispatched a helicopter
and recovered him alright. Clocks set ahead 1 hour at 2400 hours.

13 Aug. at sea. Thur.
At 06:00 passed the Azores Islands off the starboard side. At 03:00 the Essex left the
formation. It is getting cooler but not cold.

14 Aug.at sea. Fri
Steaming at 14 knots all day. General Quarters at 1300 hours, all clocks set ahead 1

15 Aug. at sea. Sat.
PAYDAY, yes payday! 300 miles from Gibraltar, Spain. Took on fuel again from USS
Natahala AO 60.

16 Aug.at sea. Sun.
At revielle we made preperations to refuel again, we burn to much fuel to keep me
happy. Refueled at 0745 from AO 60 again, out going mail tranfered to tanker. Went to
church services this morning. Went through the Straights of Gibratar at 0400, seemed kinda
close to home. Shirley and I were in Gibratar in 1957 or 1958.

17 Aug. at sea. Mon.
Due to get into Pollenesea Bay tomorrow around 1200 hours. Went to General Quarters
again at 0815, secured from General Quarters at 0910 hours. Sighted a lot of small fishing
craft today.

18 Aug. at sea and in port. Tue.
0900 Prepared to enter port, at 1150 hours we dropped anchor in Pollensea Bay. It is
two hundred miles from Spain, pretty here but no liberty granted.

19 Aug. in port achored. Wed.
Had to get up at 0400 hours and make ready to leave port. Steamed back and forth out
side the bay entrance to guard against Submarines. Returned to port at 1235 and dropped
anchor again.

20 Aug. underway. Thur.
Up at 0500 hours, make ready to leave port. Underway at 0510 in company with USS
Mullinix DD944. Refueled from Canisteo AO 99.an plane guard with Mullinix for USS
Essex at 2100 hours

21 Aug. at sea. Fri.
At 0930 hours manned all ASW stations, picked up a sonar contact where there shouldn't
have been one. Results ? Lost contact-nice day at sea.

22 Aug. at sea.Sat.
Joined forces with USS Roosevelt CVS 48, USS Fox DD 779 and missle ship Uss
Boston CL 1. Helocopter from Roosevelt made a mail drop on us. Starting to get cool

23 Aug. at sea. Sun.
USS Rooseevelt lost a plane and pilot this morning at 0200 hours. Searched with USS
Fox DD779, USS Storms DD , USS Owens DD , USS Mullinix and a couple of other
tin cans with no results. At 1600 refueled again from AO 60, then at 1700 replenished from
USS Alstede AF 48. By 2000 hours the wind had raised to 58 knots along with a heavy
rain fall. By 2400 hours all was back to normal, funny weather here inthe Med.

24 Aug. at sea. Mon.
Up at 0500 hours, make ready to enter port. 0800 hours we entered port at Marsielles,
France. Looks like a very old town. Moored along side Mullinix. Nice day

25 Aug. Marsielles, France. Tue.
Went on a tour today with about 60 other sailors, took pictures and really enjoy my tour
Henderson Ubil, Clark and I went shopping in their stores and I bought a small drafting set.
We had chow and then returned to the ship

26 Aug. Marsielles, France. Wed
All work and no play today. The Mullinix and Laffey crew mixed it up in town, I was
aboard the ship! Rain today and kind of cool.

27 Aug. Marsielles, France. Thur.
Our ship held a inspection on the Mullinix today. Done nothing but work all day.

28 Aug. Marsielles, France. Fri.
Hate this sitting in port, time goes so slow. Be glad to go back to sea. Nice sunny day

29 Aug. Marsielles, France. Sat.
Knocked off work at 1130 hours and had Holiday routine from 1300 hours on. Fresh fruit
came on board today, real good. Eating ole hard France bread, sure hard on the teeth. Nice

30 Aug. Marsielles, France. Sun.
Seen a ship out of Casablanca, Morroco today and wished Shirley and I were still there
together. Had Holiday routine all day today. I had the 1200 to 1600 watch on the fantail.

31 Aug. Marsielles, France. Mon.
Happy today, we are leaving port and also it is the last day of August. Underway at 0900
hours, pulling away from the Mullinix we almost rammed her with out stern. General
Quarters at 1300 hours and secured from GQ at 1400 hours. Payday today, nice day. I had
the 2000 to 2400 hours watch on the helm

Sept 1, 1959 At Sea. Tue.
Joined forces with the AO60 and the Douglas H. Fox DD779. At 0800 hours we
refueled port side from tanker and high lined mail. I had the 1200 to 1600 hour watch on
the helm. 2200 hours we refueled port side again, had to top off which we didn't do earlier
today. It sure makes it a rough life, kinda cool again today.

Sept 2, 1959 At Sea. Wed.
At 0600 hours, a helicopter made a mail drop to us.Went to ASW stations at 0830 hours
sonar contact turned out to be a school of fish so we secured ASW stations Chilly again

Sept 3, 1959 At Sea. Thurs.
Joined forces with the USS Boston CI-1 at 0500 hours. At 0800 hours had drone firing
untill 0900 hours. 1300 hours went to GQ and fired on the drone again, never did hit the
damn thing! 2230 hours refueled from AO 60 port side to, dark as hell topside tonight. No
Trouble refueling so I guess that makes this a nice day?

Sept 4, 1959 At Sea Fri.
1000 hours went to General Quarters for transmission check, secured from GQ at 1100
hours. At 1430 hours refueled from AO 60 again, boy she never runs out of fuel oil, or so it
seems. Large ground swells starting to pick up but we are riding fairly well.

Sept 5, 1959 Going onto Genoa, Italy
Had to get up at 0430 hours this morning to make preperations for entering Genoa.
Seeing a lot of small craft by 0530 hours. Can see Italy by 0600 hours, we moor Med moor
to the pier next to the sister ship of the Andria Doria, the Christo Columbo. She sure is a
big ship. The weather is turning out rotten, started this afternoon and is really pouring now
at 2000 hours.

Sept 6, 1959 Genoa, Italy. Sun.
Boy, holiday routine went at 0900 hours, what is in the air? Yep, just what I thought, we
turned to untill 1730 hours on the sides painting. Tired so will go to bed.

Sept 7, 1959 Genoa, Italy. Mon.
Labor day today and that is just what we did too. At 1300 hours they let the stwb section
go ashore on liberty. Thinking about going over tomorrow myself and see Italy. We got a
couple of the local bum boat boys to paint out the water line so no sweat on that. Mid
watch tonight so think I will hit my basket.

Sept 8, 1959 Genoa, Italy. Tue.
Put in a chit today for the ship fitters , they probably won't approve it, but.................
Morton GM2 and I went on liberty today, untill 2030 hours. Got fallen down drunk, bought
Shirley a doll and a head scarf. Boy did we look crazy MARCHING down the pier with
dolls about three feet long on our shoulders. Whew! Out side of getting loaded it was a
very nice day, sunshine too. ha!

And that concludes my very short record of the Med Cruise On The Laffey DD724
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jim Carver~~~~~~~~~~~Sept 3, 1989