Newspaper Article from 1975
"What Could Have Been"

This newspaper clipping is from Laura McKagan, Lt. McCune's daughter.

This article talks about what could have been, if the city of Alexandria, VA.  
wanted to keep the USS Laffey.  For various reasons explained in this, they  
chose not to keep her.  We can only vision what might have became of the     
USS Laffey, had she not ended up at Patriot's Point in South Carolina and    
taken under the care of the Laffey Association!                                              

In some of Laura's words:

This clipping is from the Washington Star News, 1975.  I read on the internet
that the Star was located in Washington, DC., but no longer exists.  Someone
in the DC area must have sent it to my dad.  Sounded like the Laffey's road to
historical status.                                                                                               




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