Thumbnail Pictures from the Album of Cy Simonis
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adbectonfmsimonisa.jpg (53086 bytes)
RADM F. Julian Becton
cyadmwbooka.jpg (37692 bytes)
RADM F. J. Becton
the author
cybectonmasseya1.jpg (27053 bytes)
RADM Becton & Massey
signing prints of the Laffey
cybecton&massey2a.jpg (42870 bytes)
Signing pictures - another view
chsunset.jpg (18351 bytes)
A typical Charleston sunset
cyinsiga.jpg (28525 bytes)
The Laffey's insignia
cylafnsavanaa.jpg (26264 bytes)
The Laffey & Savannah - 1982
cylafwithsava.jpg (38057 bytes)
The Laffey & Savannah - 1982
In pretty bad shape
cymemrooma.jpg (46117 bytes)
Memorial Room, May 1984
cyprsnartnbeca.jpg (43891 bytes)
Ramon Pressburger, Adm Becton
and Artie Baumgarter, May 1983
cypuc459a.jpg (63227 bytes)
Presidential Unit Citation
USS Laffey (DD 459)
cypuc724a.jpg (93772 bytes)
Presidential Unit Citation
USS Laffey (DD 724)
cyreuniongroupa.jpg (58668 bytes)
1985 Reunion
Adm Becton, Frank Hoag, Bob Dockery,
Betty Phoutrides, Cy Simonis, Charlotte
Simonis, Gloria Hoag, Jean Dockery,
Ari Phoutrides, Bill Kelly
cyworkersa.jpg (63395 bytes)
Work Party - May, 1982
Artie Baumgarter, K. D. Jones,
Ed Samp, Ari Phoutrides
darnellaletala.jpg (42179 bytes)
Some old timers -
Doc Darnell, Al Csiszar,
Debbie Csiszar, Charlotte
cygpfmflightdeckaa.jpg (100947 bytes)
Work Party - May, 1982
memservfantaila.jpg (43640 bytes)
Memorial Service - 1985
wpfocsilea.jpg (151919 bytes)
Another work party - some
time in the 80"s
laffeyb4ppt.jpg (27976 bytes)
Our ship - before being towed to
Patriots Point
cypurndanaa.jpg (51592 bytes)
More old timers - Frank Purick
 Dan Essig

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