April, 2005 Work Party
Pictures courtesy of Sonny Walker
(he likes to take pictures - a legitimate excuse not to work)

Editors's note:  Please excuse the random presentation of these pictures.  I think the important thing
to remember is that these guys did a helluva job in restoring our squadron insignia and in restoring the
First Division berthing spaces. 


The unique decor you can expect to see if you are berthed in First Division Quarters.
Don't say anything.....it's green...and you should of seen it before the crew started to work on it!


Home - almost - at last.   I think this is one of the Fitzsimmons gang
being lowered down after securing the squadron insignia


Lord, what can I say.  From left to right we have Malcomb attempting to make an executive
decision,  Barry pretending to be interested in what Malcomb is doing, and finally Jim who is exercising
his god given right to take a 10 minute break after working for 5 minutes. 

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