November, 2004 Work Party Pictures
Courtesy John Matthews


The Matthews brothers - John and Ron doing their outstanding
tour in the galley


The next few pictures are indicative of the work party highlite....the work force being treated
to a real, live, barbequed pig.  The 135#  monster was donated by Hoot Gibson, barbequed by Gene Calloway and Sgt Carl Henderson,
  and consumed by all hands

At the start of the bbq.....something like 7AM.  From left to right:
Ron Matthews, Gene Calloway, Hoot Gibson (standing), Louis Delavina (squatting),
Sgt. Carl Henderson, and Sonny Walker. 


The men who did all of the work.  They dressed the pig, hauled the equipment
and faithfully tended the poor beast for something like 9 hours.

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